Daegu Hanny University is one of the few universities specializing in Korean Oriental Medicine. The school's headquarters are a short distance from Daegu in Gyeongsangbuk.

   The other campus is in Daegu with its hospital. Daegu Hanny University is considered a university that serves not only the community but also the whole world with its thorough and comprehensive medical care and valuable medical applications of oriental medicine. Established since 1980, Deagu Hanny University has made a significant contribution to fostering special talents in the field of Oriental medicine in Korea. Not stopping there, Daegu Hanny University has made a lot of positive changes in education in the face of growing globalization, the world is shrinking and cultural barriers, education and economics are blurred away. Thus, the University of Deagu Hanny has made many changes to the curriculum in response to the demands of the society, in particular programs that have gradually shifted to biotechnology (BT), cultural technology (CT), information technology (IT) and interdisciplinary research.
   Daegu Hanny University has been increasing its exchange of learning with other universities both at home and abroad to further promote globalization. The vision of Daegu Hanny University in the near future is to become a leading university in the field of traditional medicine and the health care industry. The school's development goals also include improving facilities, specialized training and improving the competitiveness of education. Top Korean universities.
II. Training
1. Oriental Medicine:
- Eastern medicine
- Nursing
2. Pharmacology:
- Pharmaceutical technology
- Pharmacology
- Pharmaceutical science
- Processing and nutrition from pharmaceutical materials
- Traditional medicine
- Science of processing cosmetics
- Skin care from herbal medicine
3. Health and therapy:
- Health science
- Fire protection and environmental protection
- Eastern medicine therapy
- Special secondary education
- Educational development and consultancy
- Eastern Sports Medicine
- Physical therapy
- Experimental science
- Health management
4. Social Welfare:
- Education and counseling minors
- Architecture and construction
- Interior architecture
- Child benefit
- Elderly benefits
- Resort development
- Public fund management
5. Culture and information:
- Korean language and culture
- Foreign language
- Chinese Studies
- Travel and entertainment
- The media
- Medical information technology
- Marketing and economics
- Security Management
III. Tuition fees
Application fee: 50,000 won
Regular course tuition (20 weeks): 1,900,000 won
- Accommodation fee: 1,680,000 won
IV. Application form
- Application form
- Introduce yourself
- Study plan
- Financial plan
- Copy of passport
- Demonstrate financial
- Copies and copies of academic diplomas and certificates
- Some other relevant documents
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